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There is no need to explain why we have carpets in houses. Rag rug is made by hands by many fans of home work, getting useful products from the remnants of thread, yarn, or simply unnecessary rags. Among household rag rug designs across are not inferior to the best industrial designs, but highly unique, engine technologies are not subservient. And all this is made with a minimum amount of money, or even for free.

Archaeologists find carpet to be the oldest household items: before our ancestors guessed that the skin can be put on, it they just put it on floor of caves. Carpet weaving and other ancient crafts of handmade here still firmly hold their positions. For example, it tends to be hard to produce rag rug from pompons with mechanization to automation. But at home a rag rug pad can be done in half of day, and it would be more convenient compared to the factory produced one, and will look better.

Amazing Rag Rug

Rag rug can be a product to highly adorning the living room, hygienic and resistant in the room with high humidity and / or indoors, exposed to pollution. Or it can be placed even outdoors, if the rag rug is for cottage usage. They are divided into 3 types based on technology performance: embroidered rag rug, related rag rug, braided rag rug.

Homemade rag rug is best made of natural vegetable textile and knitted materials. Synthetics in the rag rug for internal use should be used as sparingly as possible due to static electricity; it can shock your slippers through or bare feet, and it is very bad for the health. The oldest and well-known way to create a rag rug is called Grandma’s rag rug. Modern designers call it rag rug in country style. In order to create such a product it needs to cut or tear the fabric into strips, and then the resulting strips woven into braids bright. They are placed in rows and crosslinked using a thick and large needle for this thread.

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