Purple Rug

Tender Purple Rug
Striped Rectangular Purple RugRound Purple RugTender Purple RugStylish Purple Rug

Purple is a combination of two very bright and energetically strong colors. Of course, they are red and blue colors. That is why purple has always been a majestic and regal color. However, the […]

Pink Rug

Pink Shag Rug
Hot Pink RugRound Pink RugPink Rug for BedroomBright Pink Rug

Interior decorated in pink color is associated with romance, ease, femininity. Many girls and women since the childhood do not mind to have their own children’s room in pink. One of the last items […]

Red Rug

Red Rug for Your Room
Rectangular Red RugDark Red RugRed and Black RugRed Living Room Area Rug

Juicy red rug in a more or less monochrome interior is very eloquently about the character of the owners. Red rug creates a strikingly vivid emotional focus of the center of the room. Space […]