Purple Rug

Shaggy Purple Rug
Round Purple RugStriped Rectangular Purple RugStylish Purple RugPebble Purple Rug

Purple is a combination of two very bright and energetically strong colors. Of course, they are red and blue colors. That is why purple has always been a majestic and regal color. However, the purple color rarely is used by designers at finishing interiors compared to such classical colors as red and blue. If you want to make the interior look luxury, and, at the same time, do not want a completely standard approach, feel […]

Pink Rug

Bright Pink Rug
Tender Pink RugHot Pink RugBright Pink RugPink Rug for Bedroom

Interior decorated in pink color is associated with romance, ease, femininity. Many girls and women since the childhood do not mind to have their own children’s room in pink. One of the last items that complement and complete the whole composition in the interior in pink color is pink rug. Pink rug is usually lightweight and have an attractive design, pleasant gaze images and patterns, flowers, monograms. Of course, the designers during the creation of […]

Sheepskin Rug

Soft Sheepskin Rug
Straight Edge Sheepskin RugLarge Sheepskin RugLuxury Sheepskin RugWhite Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rug has become an excellent alternative to traditional, classic carpets. Sheepskin rug has adorned human habitation from ancient times. Today, designers often use it for decoration of modern interiors. Sheepskin rug on the floor or the wall of the house adds credits to naturalness and harmony, directs thoughts to nature, and embodies the idea of comfort and well-being. Sheepskin rug is a great solution for home if you prefer natural, noble materials and take […]

Red Rug

Rectangular Red Rug
Small Red RugNoble Red RugRed Rug for Your RoomDark Red Rug

Juicy red rug in a more or less monochrome interior is very eloquently about the character of the owners. Red rug creates a strikingly vivid emotional focus of the center of the room. Space invigorates and infects the mood. This place can easily feed you with energy for the whole day’s work. Red area rugs are usually bought by creative, emotional and expressive people. A touch of red can bring warmth to cool blue white […]

Rag Rug

Colorful Rag Rug
Rag Rug DesignColorful Rag RugNice Rag RugHow to Make a Rag Rug

There is no need to explain why we have carpets in houses. Rag rug is made by hands by many fans of home work, getting useful products from the remnants of thread, yarn, or simply unnecessary rags. Among household rag rug designs across are not inferior to the best industrial designs, but highly unique, engine technologies are not subservient. And all this is made with a minimum amount of money, or even for free. Archaeologists […]

Rug Runners

Fun Rug Runners
Black and White Rug RunnersClassic Rug RunnersDark Rug RunnersRug Runner for Kitchen

The phrase runner rug is familiar to everyone. Images of show business stars in glittering evening dresses are walking down the famous red entry runner rug, smiling at the camera flash immediately come in mind. However, rug runners are often found in residential areas, offices, hotels. They are distinguished by high wear resistance, they can be dry-cleaned and it is easy to clean manually. Typically, area rug runners are treated with overlock edge that gives […]

Jute Rug

Area Jute Rug
Jute Natural RugSimple Jute RugRound Jute RugsArea Jute Rug

Jute rug is one of the most stylish and practical coatings for various weaving, colors and designs. Jute area rugs look very simple, but at the same time they are elegant. Their main decoration is a weave with different thickness and texture. Jute area rugs have a number of advantages: they do not cause allergies, have a slight massage effect due to their relief surface, they are very easy to use and easy to clean. […]

Area Rugs

Area Rugs Design
Bright Multi-Color Area RugsArea Rugs with DecorArea Rugs with Flower DrawingsArea Rugs Geometric Style

Area rugs are still a key element of the design of many buildings. With this element of decoration you can get a beautiful floor, emphasizing the individuality of your home. All kinds of area rugs are made in two ways: manually and by using automated tools. Handmade area rugs are unique, only natural materials of the highest quality are used for their manufacture. Machine is the most common method of producing traditional area rugs. Modern […]

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Rustic Style Rag Rug
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Tender Purple Rug
Tender Purple Rug
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White Sheepskin Rug